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Articles Now Available:
 Catholic Home Education: Which Approach to Use?

Catholic Fathers: Are Their Hearts At Home?

How to Keep Your Homeschool Catholic

Building Your Own Catholic Curriculum and Staying on Track

 In Sickness and In Health - Homeschooling Alone

Charlotte Mason from the Catholic View

Balancing Your Day: Husbands and the Homeschool

How to Survive a Bad Case of Cabin Fever

Summertime Schooling: To Do or Not to Do?

The Family: Seminary of Hope (Fr. John Hardon. S.J.)

Can Parents Prepare Their Children for the Sacraments?

Four Reasons Why Catholic Homeschooling is Necessary (Fr. John Hardon. S.J.)

Homeschool Doubts - What to Do When They Set In?

Home Catechesis - Hope for a Troubled World

Structure - The Framework on Which to Build Your Homeschool


Jesus at My House - A True Christmas Story

Making the Best of an Indoor Situation

Head of the Home, Heart of the Home

The NCEA Survey On Catholic Home Education (Parts 1 - 9)

Housework - the Homeschoolers' Haunter

Catholic Laymen in History and Science

How's and Why's to Teaching Catholic History

Catechesis with the New Catechism of the Catholic Church

Saints in Time - A Charlotte Mason Approach for Catholics

Making Ordinary "Extraordinary"

What the Church Says: "You are Educators Because You are Parents"


Coming Soon!


Catechesis: There's No Place Like Home

A Father's Look at Home Education

Homeschooling in the Tradition of the Church

Homeschooling - the Best Education You Can Give

Balancing Your Day: Budgets and Money

Informal Homeschooling Approach

A Saint to Emulate - Examples for Children and Adults

Teaching Your Child to Write Well

What Does It Take to Homeschool?

Basic Ideas to Teaching Science

 Homeschool Meltdown

History Tips for Timelines

Catechesis - An Outline for Teaching the Faith to Children

Creative Ways to Learn History and Science

Catholic Unit Study for History and Science

Getting a Grip on Groceries

The Lighter Side of Motherhood

Helpful Hints: Social Studies and Geography for Kids

Creative Writing Clubs

 Charity in Support Groups

Catechesis-Teaching Catholic Morality to Children

Lesson for Mom

When 2 and 2 Doesn't Make 4

Celebrating Christmas Across the Curriculum

Dating: a Catholic Young Man's Perspective

Dating or Courting: A Mother Shares

Catholic Culture and the Homeschooling Movement  

Organizing in More Ways than One

Difficult Homeschooling Days

Especially for Children

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